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Aqua fitness

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Aqua fitness Niesamowite wrażenia ruchowe

Aqua aerobics is a modern form of fitness classes in water. Classes in physical recreation in water in organized groups are conducted by a qualified instructor - Anne Kluge.

Aqua aerobics is run with specially selected music, adjusted in terms of pace, rhythm and style to the type of exercise.

These are classes that do not require swimming skills or high physical fitness from participants. This form of fitness classes by introducing a different environment, which is water, gives participants an amazing physical experience.

The aquatic environment provides relief to the spine, promotes muscle relaxation and spine elongation, which helps shape the correct posture. It reduces increased muscle tone, allows you to perform movements with full amplitude. It allows you to strengthen a muscular corset thanks to strengthening exercises performed with the use of water resistance and its buoyancy. Water resists 12 times greater than air and during each movement in water you have to overcome this resistance, while the water lifts the body. The buoyancy force affects the relief, which also facilitates the exercise.

The constant water massage of the body exercising in the water accelerates the process of getting rid of fat tissue and helps to eliminate cellulitis. One class allows you to burn 400–500 kcal / h. Movement in water quenches and restores vitality.

Aqua fitness is recommended for almost everyone: young and old, obese and slim, and even after surgery, pregnant women, people suffering from osteoporosis and arthritis, people who have problems with the osteoarticular system.

Aqua aerobics class schedule

The day of the week Godzina rozpoczęcia zajęć
Tuesday 7:40 PM*
Thursday 7:40 PM*
* at 19:40 all participants of aqua aerobics enter with the pool changing room.

Aqua aerobics classes are conducted with appropriately selected music and last one hour. Before the end of the course, participants can use the saunas in the Wellness area free of charge.

Registration and more information at +48 24 366 56 88 int. 241.

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