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Aqua Aerobics is a modern form of fitness classes in water. Classes in the field of recreation in water in organized groups are conducted by qualified instructor – Anne Kluge.

During the classes of aqua aerobics the special music is playing – selected in terms of pace, rhythm and style to the type of exercise.

This classes do not require ability of swimming or physical fitness. This form of fitness classes by introducing a different environment, such as water, gives the participants an incredible impression of movement.

Water environment provides relief of the spine, muscles relaxation and elongation of the spine which simplifies the development of corrects posture. Reduces hypertonia, allows you to move with full amplitude. Enables strengthening of the muscular corset thanks to exercised performed with the use of water resistance and its uplift pressure. Water resists 12-times harder than air and during every movement in water we have to overcome this resistance, while at the same time water lifts your body. Uplift pressure effect on relief, which also facilitates exercises.

Continuous water massage of an exercising person improves the process of body fat burning and helps to eliminate the cellulite. One classes allow you to burn 400-500 calories per hour. Movement in the water toughen you up and restores vitality.

Aqua fitness is recommended almost for everyone; younger and older, obese and slim even for those who had surgery, pregnant women, people who suffer from osteoporosis and arthritis, people who have problems with osteoarticular system.

Schedule of Aqua Aerobics:

Day                                     Hour

Tuesday                              19:40* (7:40 p.m.)

Thursday                             19:40* (7:40 p.m.)

*At 19:40 everyone enters the locker room with the Aqua Aerobics instructor.

Aqua Aerobics classes are held with properly chosen music and last one hour. Before the clases end the participants can use saunas for free.


For more information call: +48 24 366 56 88



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