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Czar Spa for companies

Czar Spa for companies

Czardasz Hotel Spa & Wellness is pleased to present you with unique and exceptional opportunity to  use the Wellness group ceremony on the occasion of integration trips, training courses or conferences. We would like to give You the power of the sea with the advantages of coastal vegetation through the use of a special line of cosmetics. These products contain all the elements necessary for life, beauty maintenance and well being.


The philosophy of combining communion with luxury and return to traditional, healthy nutrition, as well as combining corporative professionalism and warmth of home, which is used by Czardasz Hotel Spa & Wellness, perfectly harmonizes with cosmetics used by us.


Unique Wellness therapies that we would like to introduce combination of scientific knowledge with the forces of nature and tradition of the remote corners of the World. We offer an unforgettable journey to the land of luxury, in which treatment rituals intertwine smells, colors, taste and touch. All this is to restore your  inner harmony, joy and life energy. Sensual base of cosmetics that we use embodies the spirit of exotic travel and covers the senses with the memories of distant places. Thanks to the benefits of saunas in our Wellness area you will free your body from toxins, revive your vital forces, restore inner peace and harmony to the soul, feel blissful relaxation and discover new layers of life-giving energy.


Dry sauna:

  1. Forest Ceremony, unique wellness ceremony with wrapping your body in birch osier –                             Cost 50 PLN/person
  2. Honey Ceremony, unique wellness ceremony with the scent and taste of honey –                      Cost 70 PLN/person
  3. Herbal – Mint Ceremony, unique wellness ceremony with herbal scents –                                       Cost 60 PLN/person
  4. Piedmont Cherry – unique wellness ceremony with fruity scents -                                                       Cost 60 PLN/person
  5. Citrus Inspiration – unique wellness ceremony with citrus scents -                                                       Cost 60 PLN/person



The process of Ceremony in Dry Sauna:

  1. Greeting with the Master of the Ceremony
  2. Cleansing ritual – body peeling
  3. Seance in so called Aufguss Sauna – the release of Loyla, Sauna’s spirit
  4. Ending ritual









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