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Treatment offer our exclusive VIP area is based on luxury and fully professional products Ericson Laboratoire . It is a French brand with over thirty years of experience , working on the intersection of cosmetology and dermatology. The concept of medical spa provides ultimate comfort and pleasure procedures while offering tremendous efficiency and maximum concentration of active ingredients. We would like to give you a unique opportunity to rest Relax Room and simultaneous use of effective world-class treatments .


-10 % On treatments for face and body for the hotel guests


                        Take care of the body

Treatment Specyfication Price
 Osmo Thermy Body treatment based on two complementary phenomena: osmosis and absorption, using natural salt and essential oils guaranda. Rich in micro
and maro oligoelements powder and flakes floral. Strongly drains, cleans, smoothers and help slimming. The treatment detoxifies and tones, gives
a deep feeling of relaxation.
280 PLN/45min
Osmo Anty Cellulit treatment based on the phenomenon of osmosis and absorption, using
natural salt guaranda, extracts of papaya and pineapple, peach powder
and marigold petals. Pine oil, geranium grapefruit stimulates cleaning
processes and reduce cellulite, sliming and smooth body
240 PLN/45min
Osmo Relaks Treatment uses osmosis and absorption, oils of orange, bergamot and
lavender combined with natural salt guaranda, extract from brown algae,
purem and flakes of lilac absolutely relax and relax stressed body visibly
smoothes the skin and improves circulation
240 PLN/45min
Osmo Peel A blend of natural salt scrub guaranda with extracts of algae and tea
powder with combined with an aromatic oil ofphyto-stress and anti
nicely cleanse and smooth the body
190 PLN/30min
Novacid Body

Remarkable coincidence based on five fruit acid, using the power of
mechanical peeling and regenerating cream mucous acid. Full body skin smoothing, softening and increased flexibility, healing and moisturizing
effect. Pleasant fruity note and the effect of a renewed, velvet skin.



- Whole body
280 PLN/45min
- Back
150PLN/ 15min
- Legs
150PLN/ 15min
Czar Spa  Full relaxation through massage the wax original extract from alfae
and spirulina for draining properities and wonderful tropical - floral fragrance.
190PLN/ 45min


Beautiful Face :

Treatment Specyfication Price

Drawing on scientific innovations developed Ericson Laboratoire Meso-Vit, a new non-invasive treatment in the line of aesthetic medicine that can be used as a substitute for treatment or supplementary injections mesotherapy practiced this kind of treatment. In addition, Meso-Vit is a vitamin coctail excellent regenerating, lightening and protective.

The procedure uses two devices significantly improve the penetration of active ingradients into the skin. Micro-Pick of the rotary micro-needle stimulates the synthesis of collagen an elastin. Skinjector improves the penetration of serum, fluid and plastic cream through the needles, which - vibrating - stimulates microcirculation.

Hydra Clinic This intensive treatment of hydro-nourishing action. It stimulates the skin's natural moisturizing, strengthenes and protect the lipid layer, improves elasticity, wrinkle also works givin the effect of "new skin". The intensity and effectiveness of the treatment Hydra Clinic is based ont hte action of the four advanced biotechnological active ingradients. 330PLN/40min
Eliksir Hydra Clinic Short process that restores skin comfort deep and lasting hydration. Stimulates the natural process of irrigation, prevents epidemial water loss, restores the physiological protective layer, stimulates the skin to increased production of hyaluronic acid. The skin becomes smoother and more elastic. Facial massage relaxes the facial mucles and bring well-being. 280PLN/40min
Bio Pure Innovative treatment dynamic cellular oxygenation, highly detoxifying, energizing. Active binds and removes impurities from the skin, toxins, microorganisms and heavy metals. Intensely moisturizes,strengthens the immune system of the skin, protects against signs of fatigue, aging and hypoxia. Much needed every complexion, especially the sensitive, hypoxic, problematic or mature skin smoker, Wonderful aromas of natural plant ingradients, pleasant consistency of products and relaxing massage is an additional benefit for the senses. 310PLN/1h15min
Freshness spell Quickly cleans, refreshes, hydrates and mineralize. It has astringent and healing. Massage your face and give a feeling of plant smells clean and full of comfort. Acitve iris root extract, vitamin A and zinc ensure healthy looking skin even problematic. 220PLN/40min
Glow of freshness A new treatment for face, which in short time restores skin radiance, purity, smoothness and better firemness of the skin. A relaxing massage with the use of enzymes and clay gives the effect of extraordinary freshness. 120PLN/30min
Touch of Beauty Facial massage with aromatic olive instantly relaxes facial muscles, restore radiance, freshness and radiant complexion even the most stressed skin.

80 PLN/25min
100 PLN/35min

Skinjexion  Modern. non-invasive treatment which reduces wrinkles. Needleless vaccine anti-aging, stimulates the immune system of your skin. 390PLN/1h40min


  If you want to buy a voucher, please contact with the reception:

Prices of rent the Relax-Room ( treatments after using VIP zone )

1 hour                                     250 PLN ( including a bottle of sparkling wine , snacks , mineral water, towel service , unlimited use of the pool and wellness area )
2 hours                                    350PLN ( including a bottle of sparkling wine , snacks , mineral water, towel service , unlimited use of the pool and wellness area )
2 - 5 hours                                    550 PLN ( including a bottle of sparkling wine , snacks , mineral water, towel service , unlimited use of the pool and wellness area )


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